An inside cabling system is TurnKey Communications core competence. We take pride in installing the highest quality cabling system throughout South Texas.

An inside cabling system consists of the three major components: the horizontal and backbone cabling, the cross-connecting hardware, and the cable pathways and spaces within a building.

The horizontal cabling is the permanent cable securely installed in walls and in ceilings.

The backbone cabling connects telecommunication closets and/or equipment rooms, often passing in between floors of buildings.

The cross-connect equipment consists of the hardware and cable that connects work area outlets or users to their local area and wide area networks.

We, at TurnKey Communications, have been installing inside wiring systems for highly technological companies for the past 3 years. In order to satisfy the evolving needs of these high-tech firms, TurnKey Communications is constantly staying abreast of the latest technological advances in premise wiring through training.

Years of experience paired with extensive training on the latest products, via BICSI, distributors and manufactures, enables our technicians to handle any facet of inside cabling installations..