Maintenance Services

Free Mini Standard Premium Features 1 1 unlimited yes

915-79 [1]
962-18 [2]List PriceState Discounted
Price Range [3]System TechnicianHourly Rateyes$75.00/mhr$65.00-$70.00/mhrCAT5e(1) Cable Runyes$185.00/ea.$165.00-$175.00 (2-4) Cable Runsyes$175.00/ea.$155.00-$165.00 (5-15) Cable Runsyes$165.00/ea.$165.00 (15+) Cable Runsyes$150.00/ea.$130.00-$140.00Ind. ComponentsCAT5e Plenum gradeyesIncludedIncluded CAT5e Non-Plenum gradeyesIncludedIncluded 8-Position JackyesIncludedIncluded CAT5e Wall Plate ConnectorsyesIncludedIncluded Patch Cables (4 or 6 ft.)yes$6.00/ea.$4.00-$5.00 Patch Cables (48-Port, Rack)yes$200.00/ea.$190.00CAT6(1) Cable Runyes$235.00/ea.$215.00-$225.00 (2-4) Cable Runsyes$225.00/ea.$205.00-$215.00 (5-15) Cable Runsyes$215.00/ea.$195.00-205.00 (15+) Cable Runsyes$205.00/ea.$185.00-$195.00Ind. ComponentsCAT6 Plenum gradeyesIncludedIncluded CAT5e Non-Plenum gradeyesIncludedIncluded 8-Position JackyesIncludedIncluded CAT6 Wall Plate ConnectorsyesIncludedIncluded Patch Cables (4 or 6 ft.)yes$10.00/ea.$7.00-$9.00 Patch Cables (48-Port, Rack)yes$300.00/ea.$290.00Fiber Optic(1) Cable Runyes$300.00/ea.$280.00-$290.00 (2-4) Cable Runsyes$250.00/ea.$230.00-$240.00 (5-15) Cable Runsyes$230.00/ea.$210.00-220.00 (15+) Cable Runsyes$215.00/ea.$195.00-$205.00Ind. ComponentsFiber Optic Connectorsyes$15.00/ea.$11.00-$13.00

Products/Services Information[1]

Wiring Services, Data/Voice

[2]Cable Construction, Installation and Maintenance (Fiber Optic, Communication, Computer, etc.).

[3]Pricing dependent upon scope and nature of project; please call (956) 686-1988 for more information.

Each Cable Drop Includesyes

Terminators at both ends, four (4) fiber terminations total. At workstation end, a recessed RJ-45 CAT5e or CAT6 wall plate/receptacle will be installed, unless surface mount is required, which would be extra. At concentrator end, wiring will be routed to and terminated at concentrator or patch panel.

yesAt the workstation end, a recessed Fiber Optic wall plate/receptacle will be installed, unless a surface mount is required, which is extra.

yesAll cables will be identified at both ends.yesAll fire safety standards, if necessary, will be maintained in the course of barrier penetration.yesCable installations will be warranted against defects in material and installation for a period of three (3) years from the date of installation.yesInstalled fiber cable will be duplex 62.5/125u fiber optic or cable/50/125u fiber optic cable.yes

Installed category 5e/6 cable and receptacles or attachments will meet Category 5e/6 standards, or better, as applicable. Cable of various manufacturers may be used.

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